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What Is a Chamber

What does the Chamber do?

Below are the active committees that our members can become involved with.  Through these committees, the Apex Chamber makes a difference for the business community.

Being on a committee helps you meet people, allows you to share your expertise, as well as become more familiar with how the system works.

We value your input and hope you will find a place among one of these committees. Have an idea for a committee?  Contact Us

We are always open to new ideas.


The education committee oversees and supports the Apex Youth Leadership program, it is the committee behind the Teacher Award Event (honoring teachers in Apex schools who have received the prestigious teacher of the year honor) and is the army behind our annual education fundraiser, the BookBag Bonanza.

Governmental Affairs:

This committee is a strong force within the Chamber in that members are asked to attend town council meetings on a rotational basis to report back to the committee happenings in the town. This committee also keeps abreast of issues that may impact our Chamber businesses and assists the staff with events intended to educate members and the community.