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    We keep all our Chamber Members in an easily accessable business directory where you are able to search for any business in our system.

    Membership Benefits

    Being a member of the Apex Chamber provides many benefits - from networking opportunities, learning experiences, community involvement, and opportunities to get connected. You can join a Chamber comimttee, and through these committees the Apex Chamber makes a difference for the business community. Being on a committee helps you meet people, allows you to share your expertise, as well as become more familiar with how the system works.

    Join Our Chamber

    Fill out a new member application and submit it. You can also call our office manager at                (919) 362-6456 and have them take you through the steps of applying or do it for you.

    Member to Member Discounts

    Member to Member Discounts are discounts that members can post to eachother for their businesses. It's a great way to promote business and positive energy with other local business owners and Chamber members.

    Your Investment

    Annual dues to the Apex Chamber of Commerce are based on the business categories listed in this category. Membership fees and rates are included.

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    Login here if you are a Chamber Member.