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    90% Off Employee Massage Day
    Your team works hard, help them succeed
    This is a Limited Offer! Only 2 Businesses will be selected to receive this discount!

    As business owners, we know the most valuable asset a company has is their staff. However, companies frequently forget that staff require maintenance the same way that company computers, cars, and equipment do. Massage has been shown to improve mental performance, as well as reduce stress and pain; thereby reducing the number of days employees call out due to illness or injury.

    Showing your staff you're willing to invest in their well-being improves morale and company loyalty. Turnover gets expensive quickly and it's important to make sure staff aren't looking for other options.

    So what do these lucky businesses get?

    Each business will receive 5 hours of massage sessions, these can be 5 50-minute sessions or 10 20-minute sessions depending on how many team members you have, at an incredible 90% discount.

    This is on-site massage care of the highest quality. In addition to my medical massage (which can handle an array of neuro-muscular problems from chronic headaches to carpal tunnel symptoms and still be gentle enough for a relaxing experience) I incorporate hot-stone massage to increase the therapeutic and relaxation benefits of the session. 

    Ready to hear the price? With this special offer your 5 hours of massage will only cost $30

    That's right, $30. You're saving an amazing $270, but remember only 2 business will be selected for this discount. Email soon to make sure you don't miss out on this limited offer! (Info@marciaguymassage.com)

    *must have minimum 5 participants (can include management/owners), must have an available minimum space of 5'x5' to set up massage chair/equipment*
    Contact Information
    phone: (919) 389-8790
    Offer Valid: July 31, 2019August 30, 2019
    Apex Chamber of Commerce